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ABC Administration,Employees & Facilities


The Administrative and Technical Organizations:


ABC Management through its administration has a working plan to develop the enterprise to the optimum level in such a way as to cover all the various sectors of the industry.


The Offices of Administration:


The new, unique and modern office building is remarkable and designed for conducive and amiableoffice working atmosphere, accessible for fast and effective control of work in all divisions and departments.


The Human Resource Management (Personnel Department):


The department takes full care about the welfare of all the employees concerning their personal and social welfare, responsible for the management and motivation of people in the workplace, play a key role in developing the employer’s workforce. They advertise job postings, source candidates, screen applicants, conduct preliminary interviews and coordinate hiring efforts with managers responsible for the final selection of candidates. Employees’ relation is the HR discipline concerned with strengthening theemployeremployee relationship through measuring job satisfaction andemployee engagement. On the other hand, employers must provide employees with the tools necessary for their success which, in many cases means giving new employeesextensive orientation, training to help them transition into a new organization.


. The Public Relations Department:

This is an effectual department in dealing with government and non- government

bodies and institutions in the UAE and even outside the country. Also, the department hasthe following vital functions and as follows:

● Responsible for all transactions with the labour department and social afafirs.

● Process, arrange and submit necessary documents required for recruiting

employees with corresponding and respective government agencies.

● Arrange and process visas for all employees and also, visit visas for foreign delegation.

● Comply and collect written permission for municipality, civil defense and for

police department in purchasing explosive materials necessary and needed for


The Purchase Department:

The department attempts to acquire goods or services to accomplish the goal of the company. It issued purchase orders for supplies, services,

equipment and raw material. Also, department is related to procurement which typically includes expediting, supplier quality and transportation

and logistics in addition to purchasing. The interrelation of the three organizations (purchasing, receiving and accounts payable) is our unique way of check and balance as the foundation of their purchasing programs.


. The Finance & Administration Department

The department being the most dominating by its nature of work is the nervous system of the crusher and controls all the internal and external transactions. Herein, we have highly qualified, professional and experienced personnel to plan and achieve the maximum profit. Absolutely, we are always successful in projecting our target and placing the image of ABC in the pedestal and forefront of other companies. We act as a mediator between the management and other department including the purchase of items required and the sale of our products as the staff has all the relevant details which make it easy for the management to take suitable and right decision. We have a fully and updated computerized accounting system which makes it easier in arriving to fast and more accurate information and utilizing time for effective future planning. Preparation of annual balance sheet that includes income statement, giving details of financial stature for the concluded year and of the Financial Budget and the cash flow is another important task performed by the department which helps planning for the future. Complete financial analysis which helps the management in taking the right decisions in the local market and abroad. One another work undertaken is the preparation of the letter of credit whenever required for the purchase of necessary items.

 Co-ordination is done with the banks and the concerned parties regarding all financial matters checking on all due receipts and payments promptly.


Welfare of Employees :

The management with the intention of providing the best facilities for the employees provides suitableaccommodation in the crusher site.


Employee Accommodation:

The building is provided with necessary things such as the electrical appliances of different sort, water supply (hot & cold) available service for 24 hours, separate and decent rooms with required and provided facilities. The aims of providing a healthy and relaxed environment for all employees are clearly achieved. Daily cleaning and maintenance in the camp are regularly done and all necessary requirements were provided to the concerned staff. Being a multinational organization, the

management takes every care to provide everything as possible as required by various nationalities. Moreover, a well-organized canteen is provided to cater the needs and tastes of all employees and workers. The canteen has a qualified and experienced staff to prepare all kinds of food, offer proper and hygienic kitchen and dining utensils and equipment. Halal and healthy food meals are prepared and served three times a day. It has two dining halls to accommodate almost everybody during meal

time and has television with satellite dish antennas for making the atmosphere thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing. Also, daily cleaning is done to provide a hygienic condition all around the place.


Weighbridge Department:

ABC Weighbridge equipment is made up of steel or concrete ( or a mixture of the two) fully checked  and annually calibrated by a certified and trusted company. The department provides for the weighing of crushers products by heavy vehicle load and allows companies to charge customers by weight of load supplied or delivered.

With fully trained and well experienced weighbridge operators, it shows and sustains accuracy over a long term. It is designed to achieve reliability and highly precise output.


Store and Workshop Department:

It is a combination of two or more areas largely known as stores and workshop. The two areas are connected to one another and mutually working together to come up and solve vehicles problems and to ensure a vehicle operates at maximum efficiency.

In this department, you can find highly trained and professional mechanics, welders and workers for maintenance ready to work for repairs, to identify and solve for breakdown, has knowledge and talent for trouble shooting and creative enough to prove and show his welding skills.


The Blasting Department:

The management assigned a qualified, professional and highly profile blasting

engineer to work, secure and make a safe blasting operations that is scientifically accurate and in a very systematic manner.